October 2011
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Life After an Exit: How Entrepreneurs Transition to the Next Stage

Credit Suisse collaborates with Columbia Professor Murray B. Low and business executive coach Barbara Bagden Roberts to explore what happens when a company is sold or passed on to the next generation leaving the entrepreneur rudderless, facing a big question:"What comes next?" Read more.

Innovation: Columbia MBAs + NYC = Creative Solutions

In partnership with Mayor Mike Bloomberg's office, this project driven course will allow closely mentored student teams to tackle top problems facing New York City today. Read more.

Connection: Entrepreneurship...Wherever You Are

Columbia University launches new website portal designed to help students, faculty, alumni and local business owners find resources they need. Read more.

Local: The Columbia Community Business Program

Through programs like the Columbia Community Business Program, the School is connecting local entrepreneurs with world-class knowledge and technical skills — and, in turn, deepening students' abilities to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world. Read more.

Private Equity: Watch Podcast from the 17th Annual PEVC Conference

Podcasts from the 17th Annual Private Equity and Venture Capital conference are available for viewing, including Keynote presentations by Russ Carson '67, Stuart Ellman and a Keynote dialogue with John Howard and Stephen Murray '89. Watch podcasts.

International: Thriving in Africa

The Private Equity and Entrepreneurship in Africa course at Columbia Business School examines how entrepreneurs and those who invest in them design, negotiate, and execute ventures that make use of resources and opportunities in the challenging environment of sub-Saharan Africa. Listen to some of the featured class speakers talk about their companies and opportunities in Africa. Watch videos.