Fall 2019
Columbia Business School Private Equity Program

Message from Donna M. Hitscherich `90, Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Business and Director of the Private Equity Program

Dear Friends of the Private Equity Program:

We at the Private Equity Program wish you a happy and healthy 2014. Our year has been off to a fast and productive start and we are pleased to have:
  • Welcomed Sean Epstein `04 as an advisory board member
  • Held the Third Annual Deal Camp in Montauk, NY for over 90 students and alumni, with the generous sponsorship of EY
  • Launched the Deal Camp Toys "R" Us Case Competition
  • Launched the pilot of the Private Equity Fellows Program with the guidance of Margaret Cannella, Administrative Director of the Private Equity Program
  • Presented No Shop/ Go Shop research with Professor Calomiris at the Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Worked with the students preparing for their 20th Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference
We hope you enjoy reading about these events in this newsletter. I encourage you to visit the Private Equity Program web site to learn more about our programming. If
 you would like to become a supporter of the Private Equity Program or have a suggestion for future programming, I would be happy to speak with you.

Professor Cannella and I hope you will join us in supporting the students by attending their 20th Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference on February 28.

Kind regards,
donna sig
Donna M. Hitscherich
Office: 212-854-0763
Email: dmh9@columbia.edu
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Fellows Program Update from Margaret Cannella `76, Administrative Director of the Private Equity Program

Planning session for the Fellows After Hours session Program
The Private Equity Fellows Program is up-and-running as a pilot for 2013-2014 with 41 second year MBA and EMBA candidates participating as Fellows. The Fellows Program offers students the opportunity to develop a relationship with an alumni mentor. Fellows are also given the opportunity to work with private equity firms directly through case writing.

The Fellows Program's first "After Hours" event
We also have a series "After Hours" lectures focused on a broad array of information needed for our Fellows to perform well as future participants in the private equity industry - either immediately following graduation or later in their career. The first event was held on December 11, 2013.

With the help of our alumni, the Private Equity Fellows Program will not only support individual students in the job search, but also will continue the work of the Program in helping create a community of Columbia Business School alumni focused on helping each other prosper across the landscape of this very exciting and challenging industry. Read more

Private Equity Program Photos

We are always posting new photos on our Flickr account!
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Private Equity Program Research

No Free Shop: Why Target Companies in MBOs and Private Equity Transactions Sometimes Choose Not to Buy ‘Go Shop’ Options. Professors Charles W. Calomiris and Donna M. Hitscherich along with Adonis Antoniades, Economist, European Central Bank, have completed research on the economic impact of go-shop provisions in merger agreements with private equity buyers.

Professors Calomiris and Hitscherich presented their research at the ILE Roundtable in December, 2013

Their research was featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article by Ryan Dezember, July 4, 2013 and recently featured in Columbia Ideas at Work.

Enhancing your Career Success in a Multi-Generational Workplace - the Program's research survey developed with Damon J. Phillips, James P. Gorman Professor of Business Strategy, was launched to the Class of 2015 during their Orientation. This research project is sponsored by SAP.

Also, the Program has recently begun a private equity research project that traces important developments in the industry and the important role of Columbia Business School alumni in the industry. Read more

Private Equity Program Advisory Board

Welcome to Sean Epstein `04 as an Advisory Board member

Gary Appel `77, Executive in Residence, Columbia Business School; Vice Chairman of Corporate Investment-North America at Investcorp - Jeffrey Barber `01
 Managing Director, TA Associates, Inc.

 - Kenneth A. Buckfire `87
 Co-President & Managing Director, Miller Buckfire

 - Jeff Bunder 
Global Private Equity Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

 - Margaret Butler `01 
 Of Counsel, Greenberg Traurig - David E. De Leeuw `69
 - Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Lion Chemical Capital LLC 
- Co-President, Huntsman-Lion Capital, LLC
 - Sean P. Epstein `04, Global Managing Partner, SAP Private Equity- Stewart K.P. Gross `87
  Managing Director, Lightyear Capital
  - Rebecca John `01 Partner, Lexington Partners - Adam Reinmann `04
 Director, Wendel Group - Alisa A. Wood `08 
Managing Director, KKR
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FEATURED CONTENT: What Is Keeping The Board Up At Night? 3 Reasons Why It's IT

“What’s keeping your board up at night?” More than 700 venture capital board members and investors were asked that very question this February. IT and social media was the No. 1 area where the respondents thought their board members could use more experience. Read more

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February 14 - The Toys "R" Us/ PE Program Deal Camp Competition
March 21 - Breakfast with PE Recruiters to discuss Fellows Program and PE Program research
March 25 - Alumni Event at Alston & Bird LLP
April 11-13 -
Columbia Business School 2014 Reunion
May 5 - Annual Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria

For more information about any of these events, please contact the Program pep@gsb.columbia.edu

20th Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

Congratulations to the 2014 Student Conference team as they celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference which will be held at the Sheraton on February 28, 2014. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Deal Camp 2013

On December 6-8, 2013, the Program held its Third Annual Deal Camp. Members of the Columbia Business School community, including MBA and EMBA students, alumni and private equity professionals spent the weekend in this intimate and high-intensity learning environment overlooking the ocean at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk.

After a reception hosted by KKR on Friday night, Alisa Wood `08 spoke to the group. On Saturday Jason Kelly, Private Equity Reporter at Bloomberg was joined by Donna M. Hitscherich `90 and Gary Appel `77 and Clay Creasey, CFO and EVP of Toys "R" Us for a dinner discussion on operational issues in private equity.
Alisa Wood with Deal Camp students

Deal Camp was made possible with generous sponsorship by EY.

The Program gratefully acknowledges additional Deal Camp sponsorship from Toys "R" Us, BNP Paribas, Pitchbook, Joele Frank and KKR.

Deal Camp Kick-Off Reception with Toys "R" Us

Clay Creasey, CFO and EVP of Toys "R" Us came
to speak at the Deal Camp launch reception on
November18, 2013
On November 18, 2013 the students admitted to Deal Camp after their rigorous application process came together to enjoy a reception sponsored by the this year's case competition firm, Toys "R" Us.

Clay Creasey, CFO and EVP of Toys was guest of honor, and Professors Cannella and Hitscherich also gave additional remarks as they prepared for the Deal Camp weekend.

Alumni News and Updates

Matt Sherman `03
Visit the Private Equity Program's web site to read Alumni spotlight on Matt Sherman `03, President at Joele Frank

Congratulations to Christopher Pace `87
who has joined VFM as a Principal of the firm. Prior to joining VFM, Mr. Pace was most recently an investment counselor and investor relationship manager with Los Angeles-based private and public securities investment management firms.

Please let us know your news.  For Alumni News and Updates contact us at pep@gsb.columbia.edu.

Happy 2014 from the Program

We hope you received our holiday well wishes.
In case it missed your mailbox, here is the direct link.